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Have you been searching online for or asking around for recommendations about a MSP (Managed Service Provider) who can manage all your office technology? Is your business looking for an IT company that can support all from infrastructure, LAN and WAN networks, application and desktop support, protect your data from cyber threats, managing your online presence, VoIP and video security? Welcome to J & J Technology Solutions where all your IT-related needs will be handled by a team of trained and experienced engineers.

Beyond helping both small and large businesses with the proper functioning of their network, internet issues and safeguarding their business data, we also manage our clients VoIP (Voice Over the Internet Protocol) services and much more


We prioritize security and ensuring that your system is as secure as possible.


We emphasize compliance as an additional safety measure in your overall solution. 


We provide information in an organized way to help you to understand your purchase.


We focus our approach around providing a total solution that integrates your needs in to as few systems as possible.


We are intentional and proactive about the service we provide with a prevention first mindset.


We keep your data protected with redundancies and backups so that downtime is always limited.

How Safe is Your Data from Cyberthreats?

For most businesses in this new age of technology, having an online presence is vital. In addition to businesses having to worry about securing their physical facilities; they also must ensure that their digital assets are just as secure. With the prevalence of cloud technology, BYOD, and work-from-home environments; cyber protection is more important than ever before.

At J & J Technology Solutions, our information security solutions are designed to minimize the risk and threats and keep businesses, companies, enterprises, and firms safe from viruses, Trojans, ransomware, phishing, denial of service, and many more cyber threats.

We invite you to book a free network analysis with us at J & J Technology Solutions to see how we can help protect your legal files, customer data, and employee information. During a network analysis, our IT security engineers will perform a network discovery to inventory all network devices and scan for potential vulnerabilities and breaches. Discover more about our information security solutions here.

Is your Internet Connection Always Online? Get Internet Issues Fixed

As long as your business relies on internet connectivity, our internet issues troubleshooting solution is for you. We help our clients fix internet performance issues, intermittent internet connections, conflicting IPs, DNS problems, just to mention a few. Never forget that the success of your business indirectly hinges upon the reliability of your internet connection. Customers wouldn’t stay around for long if your internet connection is preventing your employees from serving them on time and as required.

When you call us to fix any internet connectivity problem, we won’t only troubleshoot the problem at your facility but also check with your internet service provider for possible glitches and errors. Learn more about our internet connectivity issues here.

Is Your Network System Up to Par? Our Network Support Service is for You

You hired your employees not to contend with IT issues but to create and deliver products or services to customers and clients. So, support them with functional network devices and systems that will make their work productive and efficient.

At J & J Technology Solutions, we help businesses with new network creation or upgrading outdated network infrastructure including cable installation, hardware installations, network configurations, documentation of network architecture, operating system upgrades, and many more.

While all these may seem fancy terms, they work together to support and make your administrative tasks and processes run smoothly. Still looking for an Managed Service Provider who can manage your network system? Learn more about our network support services here.

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