Internet Issues

Internet Issues

Internet Issues

If you run or manage a call center firm, news media agency, web hosting company, or even a local trading store, you understand the role of a reliable internet connection in your enterprise’s success. As a managed service provider, internet connection issues are one common problem we often get called for. Don’t let minor or major internet issues stale the progress of your business. Call us right away to discover how we can help you fix any internet connection issues in your workplace.

Why Support Your Business Network With J&J Technology Solutions?

At J & J Technology Solutions, we understand troubleshooting problems with home Internet and connectivity is not the same as fixing internet connection problems in the workplace. Our internet experts can come into your workspace to determine if limited bandwidth, your routers, computer systems, or other factors are getting in the way of your internet connectivity.

We are fully-trained service professionals who are armed with the necessary resources to figure out the reason behind your slow internet speed or intermittent internet connection. Contact us at J & J Technology Solutions now to see how we can support you.

No Internet? No problem

All a sudden your local network workstation gets disconnected from the internet and refused to connect afterward? Sounds like one of the common problems that can happen in the workplace. If you’re facing this exact problem or a single workstation internet gets faulty, you can rely on the expertise of J & J Technology Solutions to have the issue resolved.

Because several reasons can be behind this sort of internet issue, our experts will assess your firewalls, modems and internet routers, and check for potential problems with your Internet Service Provider as well. From experience, we understand internet connectivity issues can be intermittent or persistent, with each problem requiring a different approach. So, we take our time to carefully examine all your network and give you the right solution. Just put a call across to our office to get the problem handled.

DNS Problems Solutions With Us

The service that converts domain names to IP addresses on your computer network could malfunction or becomes faulty at any time. This may disrupt your normal work routine and processes, ultimately leading to a drop in productivity and morale among your employees.

Whether your servers are running on a public or private DNS, we have service experts here at
J & J Technology Solutions who can check for improperly configured DNS records, high TTL values, hardware and network failures, High DNS latency, possible DDOS attacks, and many more. We’ll then deploy both human and system resources after identifying the cause of the issue to resolve it.

Not every Managed Service Provider can handle complex DNS issues. But our capable team of DNS experts has what it takes to fix, manage, and configure DNS servers.

Why Work With J & J Technology Solutions?

At J & J Technology Solutions, we solve a wide range of internet connection issues for both small and large businesses. To keep all of your business systems such as your VoIP system that rely on a strong internet connection running, let our expert team of engineers come to your location and provide professional assistance. Are you wondering if we’ll be the right service professional to use? Below are some of the reasons why many businesses trust our internet solutions and why you can too.


From military to the private sector we have years of experience connecting internet service to network infrastructures. With this experience in the industry for so long that we know what processes works and what doesn’t. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach when examining and rectifying internet connection issues. Rather, we use proven unique strategies and solutions to execute our response to your needs.

State of the Art Equipment and Tools

Our IT and DNS service experts have a lot of network troubleshooting tools under their belt, allowing them to make the right and proper network analysis. These professional tools allow us to investigate and troubleshoot countless issues with your network.

Dedicated Team

Pinpointing internet connection issues and fixing them doesn’t always come easy. But because all we care about is making sure every department of your business that relies on internet connectivity keeps running, we’re always ready to dedicate our team and resources to getting any internet software or hardware problem rectified.

Security at its Best

We are aware that some hackers use businesses computer networks to carry out a mass coordinated attack on their victim’s website or computer network as well. When working on your networks, we take appropriate security measures to ensure we aren’t inadvertently leaving traces or opening back doors for attackers.

And if we notice flaws in how your system assets are being used to access the internet, which might expose your computers to trojans, ransomware, or any other kind of threats, we are ready to help you resolve those issues.

Need Help With Your Internet? We’re available.

Our network experts and system engineers will be glad to come to your business, access whatever issues you might be facing with your internet systems, and provide a solution. Call our office today to schedule an appointment or to discover more about our internet connection solutions.

Is Your Network System Up to Par? Our Network Support Service is for You

You hired your employees not to contend with IT issues but to create and deliver products or services to customers and clients. So, support them with functional network devices and systems that will make their work productive and efficient.

At J & J Technology Solutions, we help businesses with new network creation or upgrading outdated network infrastructure including cable installation, hardware installations, network configurations, documentation of network architecture, operating system upgrades, and many more.

While all these may seem fancy terms, they work together to support and make your administrative tasks and processes run smoothly. Still looking for an Managed Service Provider who can manage your network system? Learn more about our network support services here.


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