Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Almost every establishment understands the need to have a crime and theft deterrent like a surveillance system. But not all businesses have figured out how to get the right surveillance system and installation that bolsters workplace security. At J&J Technology Solutions, we have service engineers who can help you design and install the right surveillance system for your home, business or organization.

Give us a call at J&J Technology Solutions for an appointment with our team of project experts to access your business needs and tailor a perfect solution accordingly. Wondering what we have to offer? Below are parts of what our solutions entail.

Comprehensive Surveillance Systems

Here at J&J Technology Solutions, we handle every part of surveillance installation. From cabling services, camera placement, video recording, display stations as well as integrating into existing network. we have expert engineers with years of experience handling all areas of video surveillance systems.

Are you looking to upgrade your analog, wired, security system to an Internet Protocol (IP) security system? Let us develop a solution for your workplace. We will inspect the architectural design of your facility and the size of your workplace. Then we’ll give you a thorough audit report of our professional findings. From that point, we can design a solution that’s the right plan for you.

Do you have camera’s out of service or a wiring issue from a previous installation?
J&J Technology Solutions can troubleshoot and resolve any current issues. Contact us online or call our office at phone number to discover how we can help you.

Attention to Detail Service

Even your wireless surveillance system will still require putting in place some level of cabling infrastructure. Our service professionals will not only impress you with neat cabling installation but also ensure your wires are safely protected against vandalism and the elements.

We’ll also install your cameras to clearly capture the details, helping you obtain clear and identifiable images after any event. Overall, we will put in place surveillance systems that guarantee coverage of your business and its assets. For our attention-to-accuracy surveillance solutions, contact us now.

Want to know why we are different from other surveillance project engineers? Below are some of the many reasons to choose J&J Technology Solutions.

Project Consulting

We understand the need of every business is unique. Once you contact us, we’ll come into your business for a comprehensive project assessment. This will help our experts determine the best CCTV system, placements, and other requirements for your needs. Then our engineers will work with your internal team to design a solution perfect for your unique application.

FREE Security Audit

We can do a walk-through of your facility to understand the size of your building, workspace, or facility. This will help us determine how many cameras you’ll need and the right type of equipment for your project.

System Integration

If you have complex technology or security requirements, all you need is to contact us. Our system engineers will look into your needs and effectively configure your surveillance system for maximum potential.

Have a Fresh Surveillance Installation Project or Need System Upgrades? Contact Us

To protect your business assets from theft and improve employee productivity and safety, get your surveillance system properly installed by the experts at J&J Technology Solutions today. We can also come into your workspace to access old systems and help replace the outdated units with state-of-the-art surveillance systems. Regardless of your needs, contact our office now to schedule a free consultation with your team.

Is Your Network System Up to Par? Our Network Support Service is for You

You hired your employees not to contend with IT issues but to create and deliver products or services to customers and clients. So, support them with functional network devices and systems that will make their work productive and efficient.

At J & J Technology Solutions, we help businesses with new network creation or upgrading outdated network infrastructure including cable installation, hardware installations, network configurations, documentation of network architecture, operating system upgrades, and many more.

While all these may seem fancy terms, they work together to support and make your administrative tasks and processes run smoothly. Still looking for an Managed Service Provider who can manage your network system? Learn more about our network support services here.


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