Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Solutions

J & J Technology Solutions is your go-to IT company in Birmingham, Alabama. Over the years, we have helped and continue to help many businesses move their communications to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), allowing their communications to be more effective and efficient, and in the process, reduce many running and maintenance costs.

Whether you are looking for hosted VoIP solution where the system is deployed in the cloud or need an expert VoIP service provider who can help set up internal VoIP systems, J & J Technology Solutions is your right plug.

Is Your Business Considering VoIP Solutions

In case you have seen your competition moving away from landline telephony systems to VoIP, you might wonder why. VoIP telecom allows people, especially businesses, to place calls over the internet at relatively cheap costs. With VoIP phone service, you get to spend less on hardware setup and maintenance costs compared to a standard landline phone setup.

Using Hosted VoIP Service

If you manage or run a business that offers remote opportunities where employees work from home or you’re opening more offices in different locations, having a VoIP call system will reduce your telephony costs and provide the flexibility that your business need. Instead of spending enormous amounts on installing and maintaining sophisticated call hardware and equipment in different offices, all that your phone system required will be stored in the cloud; you just connect to it over the internet.

Using our hosted VoIP here at J & J Technology Solutions means you can totally forget about big clunky expensive call equipment. No wires. No lines. No hardware, All you need is an internet connection and phones. Our dedicated team of professionals working on your cloud deployment will ensure your off-site VoIP system runs as your business runs.

Choose Hosted VoIP Service To:

-Reduce the big upfront costs and operating expenses.

-Use your internet connection rather than telephone lines for calls.

-Have a team of professionals handle the hardware and software of your business phone system.

-Improve collaboration and communication.

Call us today at J & J Technology Solutions for a professional on-site assessment of your needs and the customization of the perfect solution for your business.

Benefits of On-premise Voice Solutions

If you want to make decisions about the deployment and customization of your VoIP telephone system, a premise-based voice solution could be the right option for your business. This system allows you to keep your hardware on-site in your server closet and make personal decisions about your systems. Maintaining a premise-based VoIP system may even be necessary for compliance requirements.

Our dedicated engineers and service professionals here at J & J Technology Solutions have all the resources, including industry knowledge, to install and even manage on-premise business call solutions for you. To get the very best-in-class deployment and management, contact us for more information.

Choosing Premise-based Business Call System:

-Gives your business direct control over system updates and additional integrations.

-Lets you switch solutions or mix-and-match.

Comparing both hosted and on-site VoIP can be overwhelming and knowing which option to consider for your business can be challenging. This is where VoIP service providers can help you make the right decision. Depending on your human, internal and financial resources, our VoIP experts will look into your enterprise needs and provide you with the right solution.

Why Choose Us

Here at J & J Technology Solutions , we provide a wide range of business VoIP solutions tailored to meet the requirements of each business that come to us. If your business is looking for a reliable, cost-effective, flexible, and scalable VoIP solution, we can set up one for you real quick. By working with our engineers and experts, here are just a few of what you will enjoy

Cost Savings:

We understand many businesses are switching to VoIP to avoid costs associated with traditional landline telephone systems. So, we keep to honest per second billing and don’t overcharge for our deployment services.

Enterprise-Level Features:

Modern features such as auto-attendant, conference calling, ring groups, voice to email, click-to-call, international calling, message waiting indicator, and multi-site compatibility help boost your business communications. These features have never been easier to get with us. Whether you want to manage your system in-house or host it on our cloud servers, you’ll get functionalities that will fulfill your business requirements and move your enterprise forward.

24/7 Support:

We understand you want to work with a VoIP telephony company that understands your business and listens to its requirements at any time. At J & J Technology Solutions, we not only help set up and configure your internet-based telephone solution; we also have a dedicated technical team to support you before and after the deployment.

Contact us to Learn More

Here at J & J Technology Solutions , we have been at the leading edge of technologies to providing effective
VoIP Business solutions across the United States. Over the years, we’ve been able and continue to help both small and big businesses implement VoIP-based telecoms. If you want to see how the experience of our service experts can launch you a VoIP system, reach out to us now at J & J Technology Solutions
to discuss your needs.

Is Your Network System Up to Par? Our Network Support Service is for You

You hired your employees not to contend with IT issues but to create and deliver products or services to customers and clients. So, support them with functional network devices and systems that will make their work productive and efficient.

At J & J Technology Solutions, we help businesses with new network creation or upgrading outdated network infrastructure including cable installation, hardware installations, network configurations, documentation of network architecture, operating system upgrades, and many more.

While all these may seem fancy terms, they work together to support and make your administrative tasks and processes run smoothly. Still looking for an Managed Service Provider who can manage your network system? Learn more about our network support services here.


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